For residential and commercial property owners alike, the appraisal process can be as nebulous as it is unfamiliar. Many times, policyholders find themselves not only pitted against their own insurance carrier, but also the very contractors and appraisers who they retained to advocate on their behalf. Worse yet, appraisal can become a protracted process due to inherent inactivity on all sides, despite the fact that the appraisal provision itself is ostensibly included within a policy for the protection and benefit of the property owner.

Rodney and Beverly Dillard faced these exact circumstances over months of appraisal exercises related to their long time home. As Rodney explained, “having received an extremely low assessment of storm damage on our home, we hired our own adjuster who turned out to be someone who would not respond to us or complete his job. Also, a contractor who started some repairs never completed his work for a year and would not respond or return any unused money.” The Dillards hired ZMF National Director, Scott G. Hunziker, who immediately forced the matter into litigation, and secured compliance by all involved, as well as an accelerated timeline for completion.

“After over a year of getting nowhere, we hired Mr. Hunziker. He was very informative concerning our rights and the process we were undertaking to try and get our damage properly covered. Any call, text, or e-mail was promptly answered, as were all questions and concerns. Being somewhat elderly, this was very important to us. Mr. Hunziker worked very hard for us to get the adjuster to complete his job as well as dealing with the contractor and the opposing counsel.”

Upon completion of the process, the Dillards received just compensation, and escaped what had become a legal cul-de-sac. “We got a settlement for our damage that met more of our needs than we thought possible.” This allowed the family to complete much needed repairs to their property, and remedy conditions that were rapidly worsening since the appraisal process began. “We firmly believe that without Mr. Hunziker, we would have never overcome this situation and therefore would highly recommend him to others dealing with these types of problems.”

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