Property owners know that catastrophic events can have incredible financial impact to their home or business. It is equally tragic that insurance companies routinely fail to abide by their own contracts, and deny, underpay and delay claims without justification. What many property owners do not realize, is that insurance companies are duty bound to handle their claims in good faith. When this does not occur, and a home or business owner is treated unfairly, then he or she becomes a victim for a second time, due to such bad faith insurance practices.

The attorneys at ZMF are well versed in the additional bad faith penalties that apply from state to state. We understand that while contractual damages and attorneys fees can make our clients whole, in the wake of a catastrophic loss, bad faith penalties may be available to punish carriers from forcing policyholders to invoke the legal system in order to be treated fairly. Our team turns the tables on insurance companies who put profits over people, and lends a voice to those who may not know the power they truly have under the law.

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