IRS and Delaware Department of Insurance Settle Litigation, but Questions Pertaining to McCarran Ferguson Remain

The Delaware Department of Insurance (DDOI) recently announced it appealed the Third Circuit’s decision in United States of America v. Delaware Department of Insurance, which involved the application of the McCarran Ferguson Act (MFA) to an IRS summons. The plot thickened on July 26 after Judge Alito requested briefing on the issue. The story abruptly…

IRS Whistleblower Receives $16.8 Million Award for Exposing Widespread Tax Evasion Scheme

Whistleblower attorneys Stephen M. Kohn and Dean Zerbe are pleased to announce that a joint client – who wishes to remain anonymous – received an IRS whistleblower award of $16.8 million. The whistleblower provided the IRS with information that led to an enforcement action against 86 high-wealth individuals who had engaged in a sophisticated illegal tax evasion scheme. The enforcement action…

Tax Whistleblowers Get $8.8 Million Dollar Reward as IRS Revisits Earlier Decision and Triples Award Amount

The law firm of Zerbe, Miller, Fingeret, Frank, Jadav & Hunziker LLP (“ZMF Law”) announced today that two of its whistleblower clients received an award totaling $8.8 million dollars based on their information leading to the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) collecting approximately $35 million dollars in corporate income taxes. Read full press release here >

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