IRS Signals Willingness to Revise Whistleblower Program

The Internal Revenue Service may be signaling a willingness to consider changes to its whistleblower program, following complaints that the program is stifling the initiative of informants around a kingpin who may have information about tax evasion.

The National Whistleblowers Center released a letter Sept. 6 to IRS recommending changes to a key part of the agency’s whistleblower statute that potentially limits the award provided to a whistleblower who has “planned and initiated” the action that led to the underpayment of tax for which the award is being sought.

According to the letter, IRS Deputy Commissioner Steven Miller invited whistleblower attorneys to make comments on potential areas of review and regulation for IRS and the Treasury Department, in one of the first signs that the agency is budging on long-held cultural views that have discouraged awards to whistleblowers who may have had some hand in—but were not the chief architects of—a tax avoidance scheme.”

Original article by Diane Freda
Publication Date: 09/07/2012

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