Policyholders must carefully select their attorney in the world of first party insurance disputes.  Indeed, this is a specialized area, and not all lawyers possess the background and experience to navigate the precarious waters within first party practice.  A recent ZMF client, previously represented by other counsel, learned this lesson the hard way, experiencing years of delay before ZMF was retained, and secured an expedited settlement of the entire case.

Incredibly, the matter began years earlier, when a policyholder believed he had retained a specialist for his residential loss.  Like many others, he was unaware of the credentials a lawyer needs in order to bring a successful legal matter, let alone to maximize recovery against a large insurance company.  The attorneys at ZMF are seasoned trial lawyers, possessing years of exposure to first party tactics by multi-billion dollar insurance carriers.

Property owner Billy Banks explained, “I started with another company a few years ago, and after delay, delay, delay, then a year, then another year.”  Banks’ frustration understandably grew, as he was unable to repair his property.  ZMF combined decades of insurance and trial experience with absolute transparency and consistent communication with its client.  Banks recognized the difference after retaining the attorneys at ZMF.   The firm “would keep in touch on a regular basis, and always make sure I knew [they] were working to get this case closed.”  When the attorneys “had a deal on the table and [were] ready to settle, it made it a great day.”

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