In many instances, underpayment of a claim is just as detrimental to a property owner as a complete denial.  Policyholders left with a small check, but without the ability to translate those funds into necessary repairs to their home or business.  Such was the case with a ZMF client who experienced a house fire.  Paid a portion of much needed funds by his carrier, the owner had a choice:  1) Walk away with insufficient funds; or 2) Hire experienced first party lawyers with a proven record of success in such dire circumstances.

The attorneys at ZMF completed a comprehensive evaluation of their client’s fire loss, including the effect it had on each member of the family.  Through extensive research and investigation into the facts of the case, including previously unknown YouTube videos from third party onlookers who captured the fire from their vehicles, our attorneys forced the matter through pre-suit mediation, and secured a six figure settlement that put the client’s recovery at over a half million dollars.  At the same time, ZMF never lost sight of the personal impact the matter had on the clients themselves, who expressed their appreciation of the firm’s approach.

“From the bottom of our hearts, my family and I, want to thank you for your help and expertise walking us through our insurance dispute process.  We would have been foolish to take this on without help and your willingness to take our case and be there at any time to take our call was exactly what we needed.  Thank you for providing us a strong defense against an insurance company and adjuster who were both choosing to act much less honestly while also not standing up to their duty to support us in our time of extreme need.”

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