A family long suffering from storm-related losses to an expensive tile roof can finally complete all necessary repairs, after the attorneys at ZMF resolved the related insurance dispute prior to filing suit.  The owner of the residence, Seth Giertz, had battled his carrier for a year and a half prior to retaining counsel, and was vocal about his frustration during a protracted claims process.  “Tile roofs are expensive, and our insurance company was willing to fight hard to avoid paying out damages.”

Immediately upon being retained, ZMF combined decades of first party insurance experience, with a team of experts who both supplied a comprehensive damage estimate and defined the causal links between the underlying hail storm and the loss experienced by the Giertz family.  According to the owner, “[w]e had gotten nowhere for the 18 months between our initial claim and when [ZMF was] brought on board.”  However, “[o]nce we began working with your team, things really started moving.”  Giertz explained that these results reflected the firm’s reputation.  “We were told that [ZMF] had a lot of success with clients in the past and had a strong reputation.”

The ZMF attorneys recognized the potential to dovetail the advantage gained through tested expert analysis with an opportunity for pre-suit mediation.  The outcome was a six figure settlement in record time and with minimal expense.  Most importantly, the Giertz family would now be able to replace their entire tile roof, without sacrificing quality due to denial or underpayment by their insurance carrier.  At day’s end, Giertz exuded both a sense of happiness with the outcome, and one of relief as to the journey’s end.  “In sum, we are delighted with the outcome of our case and feel very fortunate to have been directed to [the] team at ZMF.”

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