Whether caused by hurricane, flood, vandalism, or theft, the losses suffered by residential and business owners to their property is very personal.  But this loss is magnified incredibly in the event of a fire.  A family owned restaurant chain learned this intimately when it lost its entire business after a fire ravaged Brent’s Beer & Burgers, a restaurant with locations throughout the country.  “To lose a property to a fire is overwhelming from a business perspective, as well as emotionally scarring on a personal level,” explained restaurant owner, Brent Manau.  What this policyholder did not anticipate, was that its owners and employees would suffer a second loss, when they would be unable to repair and reopen their business because the restaurant’s coverage was deemed deficient. 

Ultimately, this entire tragedy stemmed from the lack of insurance available to cover the restaurant’s loss, due to an error by Manau’s insurance agent.  What was originally claimed as a simple mistake, reduced a family dream to char and rubble, and careened their business into the claims process – which turned out to be a nightmare for any policyholder.  After the owners at “BBB” submitted a formal claim, they began what they believed would be a straightforward process.  However, this was not the case due to the subject property being entirely omitted from coverage on their insurance policy, leaving Manau to feel that they had suffered another loss, this time caused by the agent he trusted.  “When we began the process, we believed the journey would be a relatively short and successful experience.  However, the legal hurdles involved presented more brick walls than speed bumps, and it became clear that we needed legal counsel with expertise throughout the entire insurance arena.” 

The attorneys at Zerbe, Miller, Fingeret, Frank & Jadav are well-versed in both insurance law, and courtroom practice.  This combination supplies their clients across the country with critical industry expertise, as well as the ability to successfully argue their clients’ cases to judges and juries throughout the United States.  Upon being retained, ZMF put this experience to work, forcing its client’s insurance agent to compensate “BBB” fully for the coverage that it failed to place, resulting in a six figure settlement within a matter of mere weeks.

Manau attributed this success to his attorneys’ aggressive approach, and a singular focus on maximizing his recovery.  “The result was a feeling that we not only had experienced effective counsel, but also a partner in the process who shared both our sense of loss and our sense of urgency.”  Ultimately, he described the result as “a fantastic outcome, that was both ahead of schedule and beyond our expectations.”

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